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The Scrap Pile

My fabric scrap pile was overflowing and so I decided to spend some time cutting and sorting the scraps to be used for future use. Each piece told a story of a quilt I made for someone, different colors, shapes, sizes. Each fabric reminding me of when I got it and the adventures of each trip. Sometimes the fabric was already cut precisely to put into my categorized scrap boxes. Sometimes the scrap was wonky and in need of careful cutting to make the most use out of the odd size. Everything would be used and nothing wasted as even the smallest scrap will be repurposed.

Our lives can sometimes be like this. We have situations and stories, and sometimes even relationships that can feel like a pile of scraps. We wonder what their purpose is. What good could come out of this pile of scraps?

The prophet Jeremiah was placed in a pit because some people didn’t appreciate the words from God he shared. He was left in the pit without water, rotting away to die, forgotten. Except an Ethiopian named Ebed-Melech heard he was left in the pit and spoke to the King, requesting he be brought out of the pit. The King agreed and in Jeremiah 38:12, Ebed-Melech told Jeremiah to, “Please put these old clothes and rags under your armpits, under the ropes.” So Jeremiah did. And he was brought out of the dark pit. The old rags protected his skin from ripping.

The scraps, the old rags have purpose. God wastes nothing. There is no situation in your life that God can’t use for good. God will use every situation, every circumstance for God’s glory if we let God. Sometimes we take our pile of scraps to the Lord and say, “Lord, my life is just a pile of scraps.” And God helps us sort through, reminds us of who we are, and shows us what God was doing in our lives at that moment we added that scrap to the pile. Sometimes it isn’t until years later that we understand how God used that scrap to make something beautiful out of it in our lives and for the people around us.

God will make use of every scrap. Nothing is wasted. Will you surrender your scrap pile to the Lord to be used for God’s glory and purpose?

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