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Pile of Rags

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

The pile of rags seems to be growing, the more we clean. Stains that won’t come out with bleach or Borax. Rags used to wipe up paint spills, clean windows, wash cars, and even clean up blood from the carpet. Dirty rags used for everyday life. The pile keeps growing as life keeps happening. What good is a pile of rags?

For Jeremiah, who was in the bottom of a muddy well, nearly dead, a pile of rags helped save his life. A Cushite went before the King to request that before Jeremiah died in the bottom of the well, and before the city of Jerusalem was invaded, they take him out of the well. There was no more fresh bread in the city. There was no more stale bread in the city.

The King granted his request and sent 30 men to help heave Jeremiah out of the deep muddy well (Jeremiah 38). The Cushite went to the palace and grabbed all the rags. Those rags were then used to put under Jeremiah’s arms, so his flesh wouldn’t tear. He hadn’t had bread in a while, he was covered in mud. He was thirsty and barely breathing. The old used rags must have felt soft on his skin, a comfort in a time of being so near death.

They heaved him up out of the well and he was protected by these old rags that had cleaned up messes in the palace, wiped up spills, cleaned windows, washed chariots, and maybe cleaned up blood on the palace floor.

Maybe you feel like your life is just a pile of old rags. Rags can be useful and help to save a life. Never underestimate the growing rag pile. It is useful to the Master.

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