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The Rented Christmas

I just watched a movie which was originally a play called “The Rented Christmas” by Norman & Yvonne Ahern. John Dale, a wealthy business owner goes into the shop of Anne Weston wanting to “rent” or borrow a family for Christmas. He wants 5 kids, a tree, presents, a wife, and a Norman Rockwell feel for Christmas and writes a large down payment check. Anne ends up finding 5 children from the orphanage and when the actors guild fails to come through for her, plays the part of his wife, making him his favorite cookies and gifting him with a picture of his original childhood home. What John was not expecting was how much he wanted this to continue and decides to adopt the 5 kids, and gives Anne a family broach hoping it will stay in the family.

As I have been thinking about this story, I realized why I love it so much, is because it is the story of God. God paid a high price, desiring a family, and one that would love him back. God took us in and adopted us as his kids and wants that loving family relationship with us. Yes, I know it’s 97 days until Christmas, but some stories are just worth repeating and enjoying all year round! And God’s story and love for us is one of them! I can’t get enough of the story of God, the story of love!

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