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A Day Off & Sabbath Rest

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

It’s so good to have a day to rest and renew, sleep in, take a bubble bath, a day of no make-up, a day to open the windows and breathe fresh air. A day to taste my favorite foods and bake my favorite desserts. A day to drink coffee and read books for fun. A day to touch fabric and create new designs. A day to play the piano and listen to the birds sing. A day to watch a heart-warming movie and take a walk on the beach. A day to talk to God and dream. A day to take a nap and wake up to fun cloud formations. A day to ignore the phone and e-mail and just be. A day to smell fabric softener and put fresh sheets on the bed. A day to change the towels and water the indoor plants. A day to light a candle and fill the house with delightful smells. A day not to be on the run but enjoy the sun. A day to talk to family and friends. A day to take a fun trip and find new clothes or new shoes. A day for a milkshake or hot chocolate with whipped cream. A day to finish a quilt or start a new one. A day to put my feet up and journal. A day to listen to Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony and be moved within. A day to hike and take pictures of flowers. A day to walk in the garden and smell the roses and feel the gentle breeze. A day to watch the flowers grow. A day to laugh and laugh some more. A day to read a magazine or do a puzzle. A day to paint my toenails or make cards. A day to look at pictures of family and fun trips. A day to dream about a new location to visit or just hop in the car and go. A day to be.

This day is different than Sabbath rest. Sabbath rest or the 7th Day, is a day set aside to honor the Lord. Everything I do on the Sabbath is focused on the Lord. I honor the Lord by worshipping the Lord with the people of God at church. I have an extended time of prayer and worship on the Sabbath day in the sanctuary, in the presence of the Lord. Sunday is not like any other day, but a day set apart to the Lord. I try and not do typical things on that day, but things that set that day apart from all other days. After leading worship and preaching, I typically take a long nap to renew. I might take an extended time studying the original Hebrew or Greek in the Bible. I usually listen to more sermons online.

In Isaiah 58, the Sabbath day was called a delight, and holy to God, a day to not do your own thing or seek your own pleasures, but to seek God. It is a day to take delight in the Lord, our Creator, our Redeemer, our Sustainer, our Friend. Each day of the week is special as it is a gift of God, but the Sabbath is very special. It is a gift of God, a day to rest from our labors, to not make any more bricks. Pharoah bullied the people into working 7 days a week, and God offered the gift of a day set apart to worship God. It is a day of grace.

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