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Mama Bear

Imagine my surprise when I asked my folks how their trip to Montana was and if they saw any bear. Pause. Pause. Pause. Then the story and pictures unfolded. They decided to hike on a trail that was covered with hikers. They walked from an open valley area into a more forested area, when they saw a number of hikers pointing and looking up. So naturally, they looked up and saw a baby bear sleeping on a tree limb with one arm hanging over the limb. Awe. Isn’t that precious? People were taking pictures and cooing at the cute little baby when suddenly other hikers came out of the forest and said, “Move back slowly now!” Seconds behind them Mama Bear came romping swiftly through the forest and scurried up that tree to baby bear so fast. Mom showed me a picture. I asked, “Is this zoomed in?” The answer, “No.” They were 12-20 feet away from Mama Bear.

Hosea 13:8 says that God is like a Mama Bear robbed of her cubs. The Bible verse paints of ferocious picture of what God will do to those who oppose God and chase after other gods. It’s not a pretty picture. Yet, there is safety in that picture for baby bear. There is safety in that picture for the person who chooses the Living God over everything else this world has to offer. The chapter goes on to say that God is our helper. Yet some people don’t want any help. It’s easier to go about my own life, do my own thing, and not even acknowledge God.

I one time asked a hotel manager who managed an oceanfront motel how often she thought about God. With the sun setting behind her, and her daily view of the majestic Pacific Ocean she said, “Never.” How sad. Consider the Mama Bear robbed of her cubs. Will she not come running after them and protect them with all her might? My mom shared her first-hand account. Yes, she was a little too close, but so is God. God is close, God is at hand, a whisper away.

(This is not the actual picture. The real picture is too scary close to post for this daughter.)

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